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  • FoundationAttention Autism Programme
    Two-day training course – the original Attention Autism.

    This course equips attendees with the skills to set up and run the 4 Stage Attention Autism programme.

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  • Gina Davies
    Attention Autism Online Training

    Six – 75 minute sessions with Gina Davies


    This live online course will equip attendees to setup and run the four stage Attention Autism Programme

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  • Master ClassOne Day Follow-up Classes
    Workshop 3 focusing on literacy skills, using Attention Autism to meet curriculum objectives.

    Workshop 4 focusing on Early Years Foundation Stage, using Attention Autism to deliver curriculum objectives.
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  • BespokeTrainingBespoke Training & ConsultancyBook Gina for bespoke training or consultancy to run training at your setting or school or if you require consultancy.
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  • Curiosity Programme
    The Curiosity Programme
    Getting started, making connections and nurturing communication 1:1

    Recognise processes of engagement and learn how communication and social interaction flourish when activities are shared and interaction is reciprocal.
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  • Advanced Practitioner CourseAttention Autism Advanced Practitioner CourseAdvanced Practitioner and Trainer Course (9 workshops).

    Develop the skills and expertise necessary in advanced Attention Autism practice.

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